To be eligible for financial aid at the UO, you must complete your degree within the maximum timeframe. This means graduating before accumulating 150 percent of the attempted credits required for completing your major.  This policy applies to both undergraduate and graduate* students, including postbaccalaureate and certificate programs.

Attempted credits include all earned and unearned UO credits as well as all accepted transfer credits. Grades of I, Y, N, F, X, and W are considered unearned credits.

For most undergraduate majors, 150 percent of the attempted credits required is 270. The exceptions to this are:

  • Art (B.F.A. degree): 330
  • Architecture: 347
  • Interior architecture: 338
  • Landscape architecture: 330

Graduate programs vary in length depending on the specific program.  For most postbaccalaureate programs, 150 percent of the attempted credits required is 135 (programs listed above are more).

If you are unable to fulfill the requirements for your degree before reaching this maximum timeframe your aid will be suspended.

*Doctoral students are expected to complete the requirements for their degree in a reasonable length of time, as monitored by Graduate School policy.


If you cannot complete your degree within the maximum timeframe you may appeal for an extension of your financial aid if you have unusual circumstances. Your prior use, or lack of use, of financial aid is not a factor in our reviewing your future eligibility.

Mandatory Reporting: In an effort to connect students with appropriate resources, our office has a mandatory reporting policy (required by state law) for reported cases of child abuse and prohibited discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. Please let me know if you have any questions.