Diversity Excellence Scholar: Polly Irungu

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Majors: International studies and journalism

My Scholarship: The Diversity Excellence Scholarship really helped me with the transition into college life here at the UO. The fact that it covered the majority of my tuition and expenses is why I’m here now. It also provided a strong community of people that I can go to when I need help. All of the friends I made at the beginning of my freshman year were students who earned the DES award and we have been very close ever since.

My Major: I’m really interested in photojournalism and I love photography and traveling. The University of Oregon is known for all of its amazing facilities and Allen Hall (where the school of journalism is located) is one of the best on campus. I’m still new to the journalism program, but I’ve already taken photos at the Grammies, won a photo contest for an exhibit in New York, and attended the National Association of Black Journalists Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Go Ducks! One thing I really love is sports. I’m glad I went to school here because I wouldn’t have had a better chance to splash into the sports field anywhere else. Just recently, I was able to get an internship for GoDucks.com, and I’m really excited to see what working with them is going to be like.

My Goals: All I want to do in life is travel and take photos. I was born in Kenya but moved to Kansas when I was really little, and I’ve always wanted to travel. My dream job would be working for National Geographic or ESPN.

Life at the UO: There are so many opportunities here. There isn’t any reason why you can’t do what you want. If you have trouble with anything, there are dozens of resources to use on campus and more people to talk to.