Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon

Major: Mathematics

Why did you choose UO? I chose UO because the University is close to my family, provides its students with generous scholarships, and the state of Oregon is a beautiful place.

How are your scholarships helping you? I received both a Presidential and a Summit Scholarship. They pay for the majority of my tuition, so I don’t have to worry about racking up a large amount of student loans. Also, the award is substantial enough to help me pay for the added Clark Honors College fees. In the future, I plan to study abroad, and my scholarships should help pay for my year abroad as well. I intend to study in Germany. Specifically, I'm planning on doing a Spring Intensive Program in Tübingen this year, and perhaps later, I might try to study abroad in Berlin, Vienna, or Karlsruhe.

What is your favorite thing about UO? My favorite thing about the University of Oregon is the cookies. The Web Feet and Rubber Duckies (frosted sugar cookies) taste delicious! On a more serious note, I have also greatly enjoyed the German Language Immersion program. I know from personal experience that UO’s Language Immersion programs provide wonderful opportunities to learn a new language and delve deeper into international cultures.

What advice do you have for scholarship applicants? As a scholarship applicant, it is absolutely essential for you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. What sets you a step above the rest? That’s what you should be considering. When writing essays, I would advise future applicants to write top-notch essays and to really tell a unique story.

How did you choose your major? I am a mathematics major, and I’m considering double majoring in German or economics. I chose math because I wanted to learn how to think and because it is extremely useful in any field. For me, it is important to study something that really challenges me and forces me to strain my intellectual faculties.

What is your greatest achievement at the UO so far? This past November I went to Memphis, Tennessee, with the Men’s Club Soccer team. Making the team as a freshman, going to Club Nationals, and then advancing to the semi-finals were awesome achievements for me.

What special attribute do you bring to UO? When I hear a funny math joke, sometimes I just fall on the floor and start laughing. Late at night when I’m doing my math homework with friends, occasionally everything just goes haywire and all of a sudden we’re just cackling hysterically. In essence, I bring a unique sense of humor (as we all do). I think that’s something anyone can find at a big university like UO—all sorts of people with varying senses of humor. As a result, there is someone at the University of Oregon for everyone, and that’s a great thing in any community.