ResumeYard wants you to get you the job you love. We are a company that provides professional resume services that includes resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and many other documents. The job market is changing rapidly nowadays, and we understand how hard it can be to get your resume noticed by the employers if you are a recent graduate. That is why we are offering scholarships for talented students. Send us your vision of the future of jobs and job market all over the world. Futurologists predict that there will be much fewer jobs in the nearest future, and all the routine jobs will be done by robots or artificial intelligence. Many professions, like truck drivers, even financial analysts will disappear. However, many new jobs will emerge, and people will have to acquire new skills and continue learning new things and adapt new technologies In your entry, you have to describe the possible changes in the job market and new professions that we can already prepare ourselves for.
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Incoming Freshman
High School Senior
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Social Sciences
December 31, 2018