Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Major: Biology

Why did you choose UO? I chose UO because of its wonderful location in the Pacific Northwest as well as the opportunities the Clark Honors College provides in small class sizes but also fun outings.

How are your scholarships helping you? I received the Presidential and Summit Scholarships, which free me up to focus on studying and research. I’m hoping I will be able to take advantage of some great volunteer and internship opportunities as well.

What is your favorite thing about UO? My favorite thing about the UO so far is the community. Before I got here I was worried about making friends, but everyone here is so welcoming! There are so many opportunities to try new things and meet people. The Clark Honors College took a trip to the Corn Maze and organizes dinners out, Ducks After Dark has movies and pancake nights during finals, and I even got involved with the Geology Club and have gone on some of their field trips.

What advice do you have for scholarship applicants? Don’t worry and just apply! The application process can be daunting, especially when you’re in the middle of your senior year and have so many applications to complete and are dealing with all the stress that goes along with that. Just put that last bit of effort in, and your hard work can pay off!

How did you choose your major? My major is biology. It’s an incredibly diverse field from bacteria that can transfer their DNA through the use of plasmids across entire species to macrobiology and the ecology of entire ecosystems. Biology is fascinating to me, and I hope to get involved in research here soon.

What is your greatest achievement at the UO, so far? I’ve successfully completed one term, and I’ve already made a lot of friends and organized a game night every Friday. I’ve become familiar with the campus and met all my advisors who were really helpful in showing me how to take advantage of all the resources here at the UO.

What special attribute do you bring to UO? I’m a very organized and efficient student, so I have time to plan events and organize outings.