Hometown: Aloha, Oregon

High School: International School of Beaverton

Major: Human Physiology

Ravahn was the president of the Model United Nations Club and the vice president of the Interact Club at his high school. He also held other leadership positions, from Basketball Club to National Honor Society. He founded a Skills and Drills Basketball class for kids in his neighborhood, which has been successfully running for three years. Ravahn was a lab research assistant at Brooks Army Medical Center and Legacy Research Institute, and founded a blues jam group with several musicians in his community. He’s a math tutor and a frequent volunteer at Oregon Food Bank and Kaiser Westside Hospital.

What is the UO doing well? The UO is doing well at raising their status as a science and research university while at the same time developing their curriculum to develop well-rounded students.

What are you most proud of accomplishing since you started at the UO? I am proud of the fact that I have already developed some of the strongest friendships of my life, and I hope that these bonds develop further as we go through school together.

What are some things you’ve been doing outside of the classroom since you’ve been at UO? I have been going to basketball and volleyball games, volunteering at the Eugene Boys and Girls Club, and exploring the city.

Describe a mentor or professor that has positively influenced your experience at UO. Dean Terry Hunt of the Clark Honors College has definitely been a mentor for me since I arrived on campus. We talk about everything, from cooking to fashion to academia to life tips to sociological changes. He is one of the few people on campus I try to emulate in my character and work.

Describe a couple of your favorite classes that you have taken at UO. One of my favorite classes so far has been Medical Terminology. While it's focused on memorizing word parts and some basic procedures, I love that I am already stepping into the world of medicine academically. Another one of my favorite classes was Ulrick Casimir's Honors College Literature class on revenge. The class deepened my view of revenge and ethics in general from both a sociological and cultural viewpoint.

What are you hoping to do with your major, both while you work toward graduation and after? I am hoping to go to medical school and then advance to being a sports physician.

Are you doing any undergraduate research or a thesis yet? I just recently joined a human physiology lab on campus. The lab focuses on somatosensory efficiency and the effect of concussions.

Why is basic research so important? Research is what advances us as a society. The innovation and developments created through research are what allow professionals on the field to assist the general public at maximum effectiveness. It's the balance between research and implementation that allows society to advance materially.