Hometown: Portland, Oregon

High School: Central Catholic High School

Major: Accounting and Sports Advertising

Will Paustian graduated in the top 10 percent of his high school class with a 3.9 GPA. He was an honor roll student, student body president his senior year, provided color commentary on the school’s sports broadcasting channel, taught private guitar lessons, and coached middle school basketball. His volunteer pursuits included being a peer mediator, volunteering at a homeless shelter and with the Special Olympics, giving guitar lessons to young musicians ages 7 to 10, and raising funds for a car-accident victim from his high school.  

What is the UO doing well? The UO is doing a great job of growing their research output. This is something President Schill has stressed the importance of, and I am so excited to see where the University takes this. Additionally, something that I am incredibly excited to see is the expansion of the Clark Honors College. The CHC is one of the best honors colleges in the entire country, and I truly believe it is something that sets UO apart.

What are some things you’ve been doing outside of the classroom since you’ve been at UO? I have joined Greek life and taken part in a multitude of service opportunities in the greater Eugene area. I am looking forward to beginning as a marketing intern in the athletic department next term.

What are you most proud of accomplishing since you started at the UO? My time at the UO has featured some incredible memories already. From exciting football games, to intriguing Astronomy classes with Scott Fisher, my freshman year is off to a wonderful start. In my time on campus, I am most proud of my appointment to the UO Board of Trustees. This has been such a great learning experience for me that has taught me so much about the University and world in general.

Describe what serving on the Board of Trustees has been like for you. The Board has been an incredible experience for me. I cannot even begin to describe the quality of character and passion for the University that the members of the Board possess. I have learned so much, ranging from how the University runs in general and strategic framework goals to some things I had never even tried to comprehend, such as bond issuance and IT strategic planning. I feel so honored and humbled to be a member of such an incredible group of people.

Describe a mentor or professor that has positively impacted your experience at UO. Clark Honors College Dean Terry Hunt has given me tremendous guidance from the very first day I set foot on campus. He was actually the one who brought the open Board position to my attention. For someone who has so much on his plate and who is always researching, it meant the world to know he was and is thinking about me.

Describe a couple of your favorite classes that you have taken at UO. As I mentioned, one of my most intriguing classes thus far has been my astronomy class. Scott Fisher is undoubtedly the smartest man I have ever met and his class describing the scale of the universe blew my mind. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed my honors college literature sequence. The small class sizes and quality of teaching makes these courses both enjoyable and thought provoking.

What are you hoping to do with your major, both while you work toward graduation and after? With my double major, I hope to enter the field of sports management or sports agency. In my opinion, professional sports are one of the highest platforms for positive change, so I hope to be able to interact with professional athletes to use their status to raise awareness for national and international issues. I am starting on that path this spring by interning in the athletic department here at UO.