Obtaining Scholarships

It is a proven fact that the less debt you acquire during college, the quicker you are able to start building wealth, by investing and acquiring assets. Being knowledgeable about available scholarships and applying early will help you to alleviate some of your potential student loan debt burdens.

Our team of peer financial coaches will help you learn about available UO scholarships and outside scholarships that you can apply for to obtain additional funding toward your education.

Where to Find Scholarships

University of Oregon scholarships:

Outside scholarship resources:

Writing Resources to Help Your Scholarship Application Stand Out

UO Writing Resources (free to students):

More Tips

  • Scholarships are FREE sources of money to use for school and related costs.
  • There are plenty of opportunities, both within and outside the UO.
  • It’s important to avoid scams.
  • Creating your story will help you excel in writing scholarship.