– Deadlines Extended –

Due to the delay in FAFSA data being supplied to the University of Oregon, the UO is extending the confirmation deadline to June 1, 2024, for first-year students admitted for fall 2024. We are also extending the priority FAFSA filing deadline to April 1, 2024, for all UO students.

Find Other Scholarships

Scholarships are available from many places, and spending time searching for them can be well worth the effort. Once you’ve found some options, read our scholarship application tips.

Departmental Scholarships

Many individual UO schools and departments offer scholarships to students studying a specific major or discipline. Follow the links below to learn more or use the department index to contact your department directly.

Interdisciplinary Scholarships

Other UO programs can also help you find funding, including these:

National and International Distinguished Scholarships

Find out about opportunities to earn prestigious scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Marshall, or Fulbright.

Searching Outside the UO

Use these free services to search for scholarships:

Many of these sites also have useful tips on how to complete successful scholarship applications.

State and Community Scholarship Agencies

State and community agencies may also have scholarships:

Organizations and Employers

Ask about scholarship opportunities any place where you have a connection:

  • Clubs, societies, or fraternal organizations
  • Your place of worship
  • Your employer or your parents' employer(s)
  • Places of business, large or small