Summit Scholarship

Summit Scholarships reward scholars for reaching the peak of high school achievement. You'll scale even greater heights as you join the UO's tradition of excellence.

Award Information

The Summit Scholarship awards Oregon top scholars $20,000 over four years — $5,000 per year; and due to the difference in tuition, incoming fall 2024 nonresident top scholars will receive $50,000 over four years — $12,500 per year (annual award is split evenly over fall, winter, and spring terms). The Summit Scholarship can be combined with other UO scholarships, including the Presidential, Diversity Excellence, and General University Scholarships. Summit Scholarships may not be combined with the Apex Scholarship or UO Excellence Scholarship. Students enrolled in five-year degree programs will receive the Summit Scholarship for a fifth year. These degrees include BLA (landscape architecture), BIARC (interior architecture), and BARCH (architecture).

You must enroll at the UO in the fall term of your freshman year and you must enroll in 12 University of Oregon credits each term to receive this award.

Selection Criteria

Summit Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman based on these criteria:

  • Minimum 3.90 high school GPA on a 4.00 scale
  • Have not attended another college after high school graduation

How to Apply

You will be automatically considered for the Summit Scholarship—no separate application is required. You must simply:

  • Apply for admission by January 15.
  • Submit all required admission application materials to the Office of Admissions by February 15.

Scholarship Renewal

Summit Scholarships are renewable for up to 12 academic terms (excluding summer) within a five-year period, or 15 academic terms within a six-year period for students seeking a BLA, BIARC, or BARCH degree. If you graduate prior to using all of the terms of the scholarship, any remaining terms not used will be forfeited. Renewal awards require a minimum 3.00 cumulative UO GPA and completion of 12 UO credits per term / 36 UO credits per year.

Complete terms and conditions can be found here.