Aid Types

Learn more about the UO's financial aid and scholarship programs:

  • Grants
    Grants provide funding that you don’t have to pay back after graduation.
  • Loans
    Loans provide funding that you do have to pay back after graduation. Different loans accrue interest in different ways.
  • Work-Study
    Earn money for college expenses by working on campus, in the government, or in select nonprofit agencies serving the community.
  • Scholarships
    Scholarships are based primarily on merit and do not have to be repaid after graduation.
  • Summer Aid
    Learn about financial aid for study during the summer term.
  • PathwayOregon
    This aid program ensures that academically qualified, Federal Pell Grant–eligible Oregon residents will have their UO tuition and fees paid with a combination of federal, state, and university funds.
  • Tuition Equity
    Under Oregon's House Bill 2787, certain students from Oregon who intend to become U.S. citizens may qualify for resident tuition rates.
  • Study Abroad
    Learn about financial aid opportunities for study abroad