Become a Work-Study Employer

Is your off-campus employer interested in joining the federal work-study program? Learn how.

Earn money for college expenses by working on campus, in the government, or in selected nonprofit agencies serving the community.

Through the federally funded work-study program, students may work up to 25 hours per week, while classes are in session, and receive a monthly paycheck (based on an hourly wage) that they can use for educational expenses. Work schedules must not conflict with a student's class schedule.


Federal work-study is available to students that have significant financial need, are eligible for federal financial aid, and meet the University of Oregon's priority deadline of March 1 for filing the FAFSA. Funding is limited, and availability may change each year depending on how the program is funded and the number of applicants.

Receipt of federal work-study does not guarantee employment. For information on available job opportunities and assistance locating a position, please contact the University Career Center.

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Law Students

First-year law students are generally not offered work-study due to the time constraints of the law program. However, if a first-year law student is offered a work-study position, the student may petition for receipt of work-study eligibility. Work-study can only be offered to eligible students who submit a FAFSA.

Find Other Jobs

The work-study program is not the only way to find a job on or near campus. Here are some other resources: