Financial Aid Offer

Newly admitted students that have met the priority FAFSA deadline begin receiving financial aid offers in the mail starting in late March.

Continuing students are notified that their financial aid offer is available on DuckWeb starting in June after spring grades. Financial aid offers are mailed throughout the year based on the date the FAFSA was completed.

After you receive your financial aid offer, complete the financial aid checklist.

Newly Admitted Students

Your financial aid offer will outline the types and amounts of financial aid for which you are eligible during the academic year:

  • Grants and scholarships: it is assumed you wish to accept these funds so they are "accepted" by default
  • Work-study and loans: offered as "pending" and must be actively accepted

If you are not sure if you want to accept a loan, it is better to accept it now and make changes later so you have time to plan for the coming year. Funds are limited so if you decline a loan now, we may not be able to reinstate it later.

Your financial aid offer represents the UO’s best offer of assistance based on your Expected Family Contribution. Financial aid offers cannot be negotiated and we do not match offers from other schools. If you or your parents have experienced a sudden loss of income (divorce, death, job loss, etc.) please contact our office.

New and Continuing Students

To view your offer on DuckWeb, click through these links:

  1. Student Menu
  2. Financial Aid Information Menu
  3. Financial Aid Offer
  4. Select Aid Year
  5. Aid Overview