Michael Thompson, assistant director; Kaira Chandler, administrative program specialist; Jim Brooks, associate vice president and director of Financial Aid


Ian Kwasowski, financial aid counselor; Cassie Copeland, financial aid counselor; Michelle Garibay, financial aid counselor; Steve Mardane, financial aid counselor; Jennifer Bell, associate director for advising


Morgan Ramsey Daniel, associate director for operations; Laura Lacasa, assistant director for operations; Pete Bauer, management systems coordinator;Kari Vasquez, technical records specialist; Joshua Puhn, assistant director

Programs and Compliance

Staci Miles, assistant director; Katrina Schmidt, assistant director; Ashley Coleman, assistant director; Kyna Burgett, assistant director; Mark Diestler, senior associate director for compliance


Tina Phifer, assistant director for scholarships; Shauna Harper, scholarships counselor; Amanda Stone, scholarships counselor; Michelle Holdway, associate director for scholarships; Holli Johnson, assistant director for scholarships