Staff Directory


Jim Brooks wearing a black suit, green shirt, green and yellow striped tie.

Jim Brooks

Senior Associate Vice President, Director of Financial Aid

Michael Thompson standing in front of a wood paneled wall in a green pullover

Michael Thompson

Senior Assistant Director

Thana Schafer wearing an Oregon Ducks green t-shirt

Thana Schafer

Administrative Program Specialist

Advising, Outreach, and Financial Literacy

Staci Miles wearing a bright green top

Staci Miles

Associate Director for Advising

Amy Davies wearing a bright green "O" branded polo shirt and a cream jacket

Amy Davies

Senior Assistant Director

Gilbert Rogers wearing a black "O" branded polo shirt

Gilbert Rogers

Assistant Director for Financial Wellness

Steve Mardane wearing a brown wool jacket and a yellow shirt

Steve Mardane

Financial Aid Counselor

Tenille Wait wearing an olive-colored sweater and a white shirt

Tennille Wait

Financial Aid Counselor

Compliance and Processing

Mark Diestler wearing an "O" branded green pullover

Mark Diestler

Senior Associate Director for Compliance

Kyna Burgett wearing a bright green "O" branded polo shirt

Kyna Burgett

Senior Assistant Director

Katrina Schmidt wearing a green "O" branded pullover

Katrina Schmidt

Assistant Director

Kim Wood Molan wearing a black top and a dark green sweater

Kim Wood Nolan

Assistant Director

Tim Russo wearing a bright green "O" branded polo shirt

Tim Russo

Financial Aid Counselor


Michelle Holdway wearing a black top and a green sweater

Michelle Holdway

Associate Director for Scholarships

Tina Phifer wearing a bright green "O" branded polo shirt

Tina Phifer

Senior Assistant Director for Scholarships

Shauna Harper wearing a yellow top and a burgundy sweater

Shauna Harper

Assistant Director for Scholarships


Morgan Ramsey Daniel wearing a bright blue sweater

Morgan Ramsey Daniel

Associate Director for Operations

Joshua Puhn wearing a yellow shirt and a dark green "O" branded pullover

Joshua Puhn

Senior Assistant Director

Background image of blurred green leaves

Laura Lacasa

Assistant Director for Operations

Background image of blurred green leaves

Erik Bridgeford

Information Technology Consultant