– Decision Day Extended –

The enrollment confirmation for first-year students admitted for fall 2024 is extended to June 1. Due to June 1 being a Saturday, the Office of Admissions will assist anyone experiencing technical difficulties or needing other assistance on Monday, June 3. Rest assured that this will not affect your ability to commit to the UO.

PathwayOregon Grant

The UO promises to cover tuition and fees for all PathwayOregon recipients. These costs are covered through a combination of federal grants, state grants, and university scholarships. First we build your financial aid package with any federal and state grants, like the Federal Pell Grant and the Oregon Opportunity Grant. After these grants are applied, your PathwayOregon financial aid package is completed with UO scholarship funds to ensure your tuition and fees expenses are covered.

PathwayOregon Grant 12 Credits

If a student is offered* the PathwayOregon Grant 12 Credits, that fund will disburse at the beginning of each term along with other federal and state funds such as the Pell Grant, the Oregon Opportunity Grant, and other PathwayOregon eligible funds. The PathwayOregon Grant 12 Credits and all other PathwayOregon eligible funds that pay at the beginning of each term will cover the cost of 12 credits of tuition.

PathwayOregon Grant Over 12 Credits

If a student is offered* the PathwayOregon Grant Over 12 Credits, that fund will be recalculated after enrollment is frozen at the census date. The census date immediately follows the last day to add classes each term. Whatever tuition charges have not already been covered by PathwayOregon eligible funds, those tuition charges will then be paid. The PathwayOregon Grant Over 12 Credits offers are based upon enrollment of 15 credit hours and so at the census date the actual amount that pays may be greater if a student takes more than 15 credits. Conversely, the amount of funds disbursed after the census date may be less than originally offered if a student is taking fewer than 15 credits as PathwayOregon will only cover actual tuition charges.

*Note that many PathwayOregon student are not offered any PathwayOregon Grant funds because their other PathwayOregon eligible awards cover all tuition costs and the PathwayOregon Grant is not needed.

For more detailed information about the PathwayOregon program, see PathwayOregon Frequently Asked Questions.