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This bulletin board lists scholarship opportunities from organizations outside of the UO. Click on the filters on the right to limit which scholarships are displayed. We encourage you to apply for any scholarship you are eligible for—even small amounts can add up to make a big difference.

The third parties offering scholarships listed here are not part of the UO and are not vetted or otherwise endorsed by UO. The UO has no jurisdiction or control over the terms of the scholarships, or how, when or to whom they are awarded. UO does not warrant, guarantee or otherwise indemnify any of the third parties’ actions. This list is provided merely to show a range of possible options.

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Arechigo & Stokka Scholarship Contest

Criminal Defense Attorney & Workers Compensation Law Offices of Arechigo & Stokka are offering an essay contest for qualifying undergraduate students that asks: what are the best ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a cybercrime?In 250-300 words, tell us what you believe are the best ways to protect yourself from cybercrime.  We will be looking for the most, novel, compelling and well-written essay. We will award one winner $1,500 to put toward their cost of education.
● Deadline: Aug 1, 2024
● Award: $1500
● Selection Criteria: Applicants must be EITHER out-going high school seniors (graduating summer 2023) OR, students currently enrolled in a college, trade school, or university as of the start of the fall 2023 semester.

Future Educators Excellence Scholarship 2024

We believe that every aspiring teacher has the potential to transform their dreams of a rewarding career in education into reality. That's why we are thrilled to announce the Future Educators Excellence Scholarship 2024!The Future Educators Excellence Scholarship has been established to support and empower aspiring teachers in their pursuit of academic and professional excellence in the field of education.The winner will receive a one-time $1,000 scholarship to be applied to qualified expenses, including undergraduate tuition, fees, books, and on-campus room and board for the 2024-2025 academic year.
● Deadline: Jul 5, 2024
● Major / Area of Study: education
● Award: $1000
● GPA: 2.50
● Selection Criteria: U.S. Citizen, Pursuing a degree in education, childhood education, or any teaching-related course, Be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university for the Fall 2024 semester

2024 Law Offices of Daniel Kim Scholarship

The scholarship will grant $5,000 to one eligible student who is enrolled or planning to enroll in college or graduate school.
● Deadline: Dec 31, 2024
● Award: $5000
● GPA: 3.00
● Selection Criteria: Currently enrolled or accepted to a university or college for the 2024/2025 school year., Maintaining good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0., Must be a US Citizen.

Mental Health Empowerment Scholarship

This scholarship strives to encourage more open dialogues about mental health, reduce stigma, and promote a culture of understanding and inclusivity by fostering a network of support and encouraging a community of empathetic individuals ready to change the mental health narrative.Any high school senior, undergraduate, or graduate student who is a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident who has faced mental health challenges and/or is an advocate for mental health awareness may apply for this scholarship. 
● Deadline: Jul 1, 2024
● Award: $500

NSF Science Pathways

Oregon Pathways to Industry Research Careers (OPIRC) is a $4.3M National Science Foundation grant that will support 64 students with financial need as they move through community college to high-wage science and engineering careers. Students may qualify for up to $45,000 in scholarships over the course of 4 years, with eligibility beginning their final year at community college, continuing through their pursuit of a bachelor’s in physics, chemistry or biochemistry at University of Oregon, and finally while pursuing an industry-focused master’s through the UO Knight Campus Graduate Internship Program (KCGIP). In addition to scholarships, students will have access to: - Career and academic mentoring. - Community-building activities. - Professional networking opportunities. The final stage of OPIRC, enrollment in the KCGIP, leads directly to industry employment through a 9-month paid industry internship within the manufacturing, high-tech and healthcare fields (specifically: semiconductors, optics, polymers, sensors, and bioinformatics). The 2022 cohort received offers from companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, MKS Instruments, Intel, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Lawrence Livermore National Labs. The average annualized compensation was $74,500.
● Deadline: Sep 1, 2024