This bulletin board lists scholarship opportunities from organizations outside of the UO. Click on the filters on the right to limit which scholarships are displayed. We encourage you to apply for any scholarship you are eligible for—even small amounts can add up to make a big difference.

The third parties offering scholarships listed here are not part of the UO and are not vetted or otherwise endorsed by UO. The UO has no jurisdiction or control over the terms of the scholarships, or how, when or to whom they are awarded. UO does not warrant, guarantee or otherwise indemnify any of the third parties’ actions. This list is provided merely to show a range of possible options.

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Sportaton Scholarship

At Sportaton, we are helping people passionate about sports with reviewing the latest sports gear and providing helpful insights for potential customers. We want to help people excel in what they are doing with analyses, like best running shoes for women, and achieving a healthy and meaningful life. Even tough our scholarship is not huge we are trying to make things a little bit easier for students whose cost of attending college or graduating school can rise into tens of thousands of dollars.
● Award: $1000
● Deadline: March 31, 2018

Survival Gearist Student Scholarship

At the Survival Gearist we know the importance of higher education and pursuing educational goals for future success. Education, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit has built us a way to enjoy what we love for work. We also know first hand that it can tough to cover the costs of education on the way to success. That’s why we are excited to announce the creation of an annual college / technical school scholarship for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students seeking to pursue entrepreneurship. If you are a hardworking student and interested in earning a scholarship worth $500, keep...
● Award: $500
● Deadline: January 20, 2018

Rusty Tweed Scholarship

The Rusty Tweed Economic Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding high school student or undergraduate in economics or finance related courses. Recipients of the scholarship are high school seniors or college undergraduates who have demonstrated excellence in their studies of economics or finance, and who have maintained a high-level of academic performance. The scholarship was founded by Rusty Tweed, president and owner of Tweed Financial Services.
● Award: 1000
● Deadline: April 1, 2018

Scholarships for Minorities

Visit the website for a variety of scholarship opportunities.
● Grade Level: Any

UpCounsel Law School Scholarship List

A resource list of scholarships specifically for current and prospective law students. Award amounts, application requirements and scholarship deadlines vary.
● Major / Area of Study: Law
● Award: Varies
● Grade Level: Any

OEDb Scholarship Database for Single Parents

The Open Education Database (OEDb) has compiled a list of grants and scholarships for single mothers (and/or single fathers). Some grants include being a single mothers (or father) in their range of eligible applicants, among other requirements, such as being over a certain age, being a returning student, or planning to pursue a degree in an in-demand field. Check it out!
● Award: Varies

OEDb Scholarship Database for Women

The Open Education Database (OEDb) has a list of dedicated college scholarships for women. Some of the scholarships are available only to single parents, returning students, or those pursuing specific subjects. They also included a special category for women’s scholarships designed to increase educational opportunities for women and increase their presence in STEM industries. Check it out!
● Award: Varies
● Grade Level: Any

2018 Music Authority Scholarship

MusicAuthority is offering a scholarship to help give back to the music community and support higher education. We believe that giving musicians, audiophiles, or audio lovers the ability to go to college is one of the greatest ways that we can contribute to the music community.
● Award: $1000
● Deadline: February 1, 2018

Tuition Funding Sources

Tuition Funding Sources (TFS) is available free of charge to all students looking to continue their education after graduation. This search engine can be used for scholarships, financial aid opportunities and student loans. To search for resources you will need to register for the student portal. Scholarship amounts and deadlines vary.
● Grade Level: Any

Scholarship Resources for Students with Disabilities is a comprehensive career resource with a mission to help students and aspiring professionals understand what it takes to land their perfect career. They have put together a search engine of scholarships with the goal of helping students with disabilities find the resources they need to pay for and succeed in college.
● Grade Level: Any

Scholarship Resource for LGBTQ Students

This guide aims to reduce the stress of college for LGBTQ students by assisting with one key element: financial aid. Read on to find scholarships and other financial aid for LGBTQ students – plus learn expert tips for overcoming hurdles during the application process, such as gender identification and parental estrangement.

● Award: Varies

AAUW 2017-18 Fellowships and Grants

One of the world’s largest sources of funding for graduate women, AAUW is providing more than $3.7 million in funding for more than 230 fellowships and grants to outstanding women and nonprofit organizations in the 2016–17 academic year. Due to the longstanding, generous contributions of AAUW members, a broader community of women continues to gain access to educational and economic opportunities — breaking through barriers so that all women have a fair chance.

Fellowship and grant recipients perform research in a wide range of disciplines and work to improve their schools and...

● Award: Varies
● Grade Level: Masters Degree Student, Graduate Students

Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students

The site My (Un)Documented Life has published a list of scholarships open to Undocumented students. Please visit their webpage below for more information.

● Award: Varies

AAUW Fellowships & Grants

American Association of University Women (AAUW) is offering fellowships and grants for women graduate students and scholars! Deadlines for 2017–18 awards are fast approching and vary based on career objective.

● Grade Level: Graduate Students

Scholarship Resources for African American Students

Shralpin Skateboarding Videos Scholarship

Shralpin is passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order to achieve this, they have established a scholarship for students. The deadline is the 20th of each month.
● Award: $500

Financial Aid Resources for Hispanic Students

The Center for Online Education built this scholarship and financial aid guide to act as a hub for significant scholarship and other unique opportunities available today for minority students. Each resource includes key information, application dates and the eligibility requirements for online programs.
● Award: Varies

Financial Aid Guide for Minority Students

The Center for Online Education built this scholarship and financial aid guide to act as a hub for significant scholarship and other unique opportunities available today for minority students. Each resource includes key information, application dates and the eligibility requirements for online programs.
● Award: Varies
● Grade Level: Undergraduate Students

Scholarship Resources for Students with Disabilities

Please visit this webpage for more information about scholarships specifically for students with disabilities.

MoneyGeek Scholarship Search

To make finding Grants and scholarship programs as easy as possible, MoneyGeek compiled and verified hundreds of scholarships from many sources and made them available in a single database. No signups or profile creation required -- just search and apply.