Apply for UO Scholarships


Apply for Admission

Before applying for scholarships, you must submit an application for admission to the University of Oregon. If you are already an enrolled student, skip to step 3.

Apply Here


Check your E-mail

Watch your e-mail for an invitation to enter the UO Scholarship Dashboard. This happens within three days of submitting your application for admission. If you are a current UO student, log into the dashboard with your existing Duck ID.



Log into the Dashboard

Log into the UO Scholarship Dashboard, set up your profile, and fill out the general application. Be sure to check out additional opportunities for which you may qualify.

Dashboard Login Here

The University of Oregon Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships partners with outside servicers to streamline access for students and applicants to many scholarship opportunities offered by the university. AcademicWorks Scholarship Management Platform delivers our scholarship application, and matching and selection software. Cirrus Identity provides identity login solutions. For more on the partnerships between the UO and these providers, please contact