The cost of attendance reflects the amount of money a typical student is projected to need for school-related expenses during the academic year based on residency and degree program. Below is the cost of attendance for undergraduates.

2019–20 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance

  Residents Nonresidents
Tuition and Fees
Based on enrollment of 15 credits per term (45 credits per year); does not include matriculation fee (see below)
$12,720 $36,615
On-Campus Housing
Standard Double Occupancy Room, with Standard Meal Plan
$12,400 $12,400
Books and Supplies $1,178 $1,178
Personal Expenses $2,091 $2,091
Transportation $375 $1,326
Estimated Total $28,764 $53,610

Entering Students

Students beginning their first term at the University of Oregon should add the following:

Matriculation Fee $430 $430

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing is estimated to cost $10,312 (monthly costs: housing $821; food $325).